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亚博APP手机登录_奇幻!舒尼奇一年走遍中超三队 国安后防班底不换能挡鲁能轰炸?
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亚博APP手机登录_奇幻!舒尼奇一年走遍中超三队 国安后防班底不换能挡鲁能轰炸?

For Bosnia-Herzegovina defender Shunich this year, the trip to China was a fantasy: he arrived in Jinan at the beginning of the year and participated in the Luneng physical examination, but he did not stay; in September, Shunich was ready to join Guoan, but he had not yet joined the team. Guoan reunited and was loaned to Henan Jianye without playing a game. In this way, in 9 months, Shunich's Super League club changed again and again, from the prospective club Luneng to the real club Guoan, and finally to Jianye.

对于今年的波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那后卫舒尼奇来说,这次中国之行简直是个幻想:他于年初抵达济南,参加了鲁能体检,但他没有留下。 9月,Shunich准备加入国安队,但他尚未加入该队。国安团聚,不玩游戏就借给河南建业。这样,在9个月内,舒尼奇的中超俱乐部一次又一次地从原来的俱乐部鲁能改变为真正的国安俱乐部,最后是建业。

Originally, Shunic was introduced as the core of Luneng's rear defense, but after participating in Luneng's physical examination, the matter was gone. Luneng finally chose Hungarian defender Kadar. Today, many fans insist that Shunic is more capable than Kadar and Luneng made a wrong choice. After the opening of the three-time transfer window for the Chinese Super League, Guoan, who had always been worried about the defense, fell in with Shunich and introduced the 1.93-meter-tall air tyrant defender. This is considered to be Guoan’s preparations for Luneng in advance. Bombing is well-known in the Chinese Super League, but Guoan’s air defense capabilities are worrying.


If Shunich plays for Guoan, Guoan needs to take one of the five existing foreign aids to make room for him, and South Korean defender Jin Minya will become a popular player. Kim Minjae did not perform well in the Super League this year and was unable to stay focused. There were transfer rumors with Tottenham in the Premier League and Lazio in Serie A. However, neither Tottenham nor Lazio can provide a suitable offer. Regardless of the transfer fee or personal treatment, neither Guoan nor Jin Minya can be satisfied. In the end Guoan chose to leave Jin Minya. After Brazil’s midfielder Augusto was injured, Fernando, another midfielder who was previously considered a parallel importer, suddenly showed his strength in the final stage of the league, scoring three goals in three games. After consideration by Guoan, he still chose to play Shu. Nicky was loaned to Jianye, who was at the bottom of Group A. The South Korean defender Kim Sung-hwan introduced by Jianye in the new season performed mediocre. In the relegation battle, Jianye's defense line could not be reassuring. The loan of Shunich also added a lot of weight to the road to relegation.

如果舒尼希为国安队效力,国安队需要拿走现有的五个外援中的一个来为他腾出空间,而韩国后卫金敏亚将成为一名受欢迎的球员。金敏载今年在超级联赛中表现不佳,无法保持亚博APP手机登录专注。英超联赛热刺和意甲联赛拉齐奥都有传闻。但是,热刺和拉齐奥都无法提供合适的报价。不管转让费或个人待遇如何,国安和金敏亚都不满意。最后,国安选择离开金敏雅。在巴西的中场奥古斯托受伤后,另一名曾经被认为是平行进口国的中场费尔南多突然在联盟的最后阶段亚博APP手机登录表现出了自己的实力,在三场比赛中攻入三球。经过国安的考虑,他仍然选择打蜀。尼基被借给了建业A组最底层的建业。建业在新赛季引进的韩国后卫金成焕表现平平。在保级战中,建业的防线无法令人放心。 Shunich的贷款也为降级道路增添了很多力量。

However, this means that Guoan will use the team from the first stage of the group stage to play in the knockout round. The first thing to do is to play against Luneng. Guoan’s offensive power need not be doubted. They scored 36 goals in the group stage, ranking first in the Super League. But the problem is that their defense is poor, with 19 goals conceded, more than Evergrande, SIPG, Luneng and other teams, and even more than Zall in the relegation group. It is worth noting that Guoan is one of the teams that lost the most headers in the Super League during the group stage, and even lost 7 headers in 5 consecutive rounds. Kim Minya, known as the South Korean Airmaster, cannot be blamed, even if the coach is hot. Nesio replaced the central defender combination, removed captain Yu Dabao, and used it as a foreign partner Jin Minya. The problem of the national security defense line is still serious.

但是,这意味着国安队将从小组赛第一阶段开始亚博APP手机登录使用球队参加淘汰赛。首先要做的是对阵鲁能。国安的进攻能力毋庸置疑。他们在小组赛中打入36球,在超级联赛中排名第一。但是问题是他们的防守很差,失球了19个进球,超过了恒大,SIPG,鲁能和其他球队,甚至超过了降级小组中的扎尔。值得注意的是,国安队是小组赛中失去超级联赛头球最多的球队之一,甚至连续5轮丢掉7个头球。即使教练很热,也不能责怪被称为韩国空姐的金敏亚。内西奥(Nesio)取代了中央后卫组合,撤下了队长于大宝,并将其用作外国搭档金敏雅(Jin Minya)。国家安全防线的问题仍然很严重。

Originally, people expected that Shunich would join to strengthen the air defense capability of the National Security Line. Now Jin Minzai is left and Shunich is rented out. The alarm on the National Security Line has not been lifted. And their opponent in the first round of the knockout round, Luneng, is one of the teams with the strongest high-altitude ball ability in the Super League. Pellet, Fellaini, Guo Tianyu and other air fighters are full of power. Guoan's move is also a dangerous strategy for soldiers. If Luneng is eliminated, This decision of the Guoan management will become a target of public criticism.

最初,人们希望Shunich会加入以加强国家安全线的防空能力。现在,Jin Minzai离开了,Shunich被出租了。国家安全线上的警报尚未解除。淘汰赛第一轮的对手鲁能是中超联赛中最强的高空球能力球队之一。佩莱特,费莱尼,郭天宇等空战力量十足。国安的举动对士兵来说也是危险的策略。如果鲁能被淘汰,国安管理层的这一决定将成为公众批评的对象。

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